Nutrition Services

Initial consultation & Analysis


The initial consultation will give Nuna a chance to get to

know you and gain an overview of your lifestyle. Lasting up to 1 hour, this session will ensure that Nuna conducts a full nutritional & lifestyle analysis, giving her all the necessary information to create your bespoke nutritional plan, suited to your personal goals.


  • A full health, lifestyle and dietary analysis

  • Identification of health issues and solutions

  • Personalised recipes to suit your symptoms and your goals

  • Bespoke nutritional plan

  • All-round lifestyle advice

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Blood and nutrition testing available.


Intuitive Eating Programme

If you struggle with disordered eating, Nuna's intuitive eating programme can help you regain the trust that you have lost with your body's cues and fix your relationship with food.

Having battled with obsessive and disordered eating herself, Nuna understands the complexity of this journey and is here to guide you all the way.

Using an empathetic, patient and personalised approach, Nuna will help you rebuild your healthy eating habits through thinking techniques and self-appreciation.  




Sports Performance Plan    

Nuna's personalised sports performance plan is perfect for athletes who wish to enhance their performance through their nutrition. Nuna will calculate all your nutrient and hydration requirements to create a bespoke sports nutrition plan, tailored to your daily activities and your goals.

Your plan will include:

  • Complete caloric and macronutrient breakdown for training days, match days and rest days.

  • Sweat-loss analysis and hydration plan.

  • A week-long personalised meal plan including specific timings and measurements.

  • Relevant supplement recommendations.

  • Blood and nutrition testing available.

Nutrition Subscription

Nuna's Nutrition subscription will ensure that you never feel alone along your journey. With professionally designed meal plans sent to you on a fortnightly basis and round the clock communication, gone are the days when you didn't know what to eat.

All Nuna's plans include her favourite recipes, which will be personalised to fit your lifestyle and your goals. Your plan will include meal timing, recommended physical activity as well as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. Nuna will even include a complete shopping list so that you don't have to write one yourself!